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This might sting a bit – not everyone is destined to have children.  You may want one desperately.  You may have dreamed of one since you held your first dolly.  You may go broody over babies in public and happily offer to babysit your friends kids.  That doesn’t mean you’re owed one.

Infertility can happen for any number of reason.  Perhaps you were waiting for the perfect time, you were concentrating on your career, you hadn’t met a compatible partner yet.  It may be a medical issue or a biological one.  IVF may not be successful or you may not be able to carry the baby to term.  For whatever reason, the grand design of the universe has made this decision for you.

In a couple, no one person is singularly responsible for fertility issues and yet people feel the need to assign blame.  Resist this urge.  You’re in this together.  You will need to lean on, and support, each other.  Most of all, you need to realize that your priority should be your relationship and you should not tear it apart in your quest to have a child.


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