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Put your best foot forward

Why a pedicure, especially in the middle of winter?  Because there is nothing worse than curling up with that cute guy only to feel your feet catching on the sheet because they’re so rough (if the sheets can feel how rough your feet are, so can your beau).

While cute polish may take care of the nails, the rest of your feet need attention too.  Follow the same instructions for the quick and dirty manicure but also:

  • Use a foot scrub in the shower once a week.
  • Use an emery board or foot file to clear up patches of dead skin (if using a foot file, lay down a towel to catch the dead skin and be gentle!  it’s essentially a grater for the feet).
  • Moisturize your feet – this is probably easiest right before bed.  I find that petroleum jelly and socks work best and keep the sheets clean.
  • If you’re really bad at shaping your own toenails, go to a professional.  Again, bring your own tools.
  • Use moleskin to prevent blisters.  Don’t be embarrassed to shop in the foot care aisle of the pharmacy – take care of those tootsies!

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