Why are my panties so damn tiny if you showed up commando?

Women will endure a lot of torture in order to look like what we think men want.  We pluck ourselves nearly hairless (yes, even *there*), we wear dreadfully uncomfortable clothes, and we buy stuff called camouflage makeup.  Invariably, however, you open the door and the guy is standing there in jeans, a semi-wrinkled shirt and a leer that says “I’m not wearing boxers.”

How did we get ourselves into this position?  We did it to ourselves.  We bought into this media image that we have to look like a pornstar in order to attract a mate.  I’m not saying that we should give up bathing and embrace a new hirsute vegan lifestyle, but we should certainly attempt to cultivate a sustainable sense of personal style that can be maintained.

So toss out those girl magazines that try to dictate everything from your hairstyle to your underwear.  Be the best that you can be but make sure it’s you deciding what that is.  And if you meet a guy who thinks the length of your pubic hair should be a deciding factor in the relationship – go find a better class of men, they are out there.

Your space at his place

At some point, if you’re sleeping over at his place, you’re going to forget something at yours and you’ll have the bright idea, “I should just leave some stuff here.”  I highly recommend talking to him before you start randomly leaving stuff at his place.  He might pro-actively suggest giving you a drawer for toiletries and panties but more-than-likely you’re going to have to inquire.

If he does make the offer of his own accord, ask where you should be setting up shop.

On the other hand, if he doesn’t….broach this subject delicately and if you sense hesitation, don’t push.  It may be that you need to reflect on the status and direction of your relationship – you may find that you’re at two different points in the relationship.  If he does say yes, ask for a specific geographical location (like a drawer) so that you know how much stuff he’s comfortable with you leaving there.  Don’t be surprised if he doesn’t offer half his closet – you’re not paying the rent.


  • Plan to leave half your possessions at his place.
  • Spread out beyond the authorized zone.
  • Attempt to redecorate his space (you’re leaving toiletries, not your nan’s crocheted doilies).
  • Leave anything at his place you can’t afford to lose.


  • Buy new toiletries for his place.  Duplicate what you already have at your place.
  • Buy a toiletries bag and keep your stuff in it.  Bring it back and forth to the bathroom when you’re there.
  • Keep a weekend supply of bras/panties, a nightgown (particularly if he has a roommate), and a change of clothes.