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All you do to me is talk talk

It is natural, when you end a relationship, to have feel as though you still have unfinished business.  This usually manifests itself as a painful, protracted conversation with just enough hope thrown in to keep you coming back.

While you may feel as though you need closure, do not fool yourself into believing that you could still have a life with this person – there are usually very good reasons why you broke up.

Should you find yourself in a relationship exit interview here are some things to remember:

  • You are not rekindling the relationship no matter is being alluded to.
  • Make it short and sweet.  It may not be all hammered out in one afternoon but if it’s stretching into months, it’s gone on too long.
  • Be as pleasant as possible.  Do not attack or lay blame.  Do not accept these things either.
  • Ask what went wrong in their opinion but do not expect an honest answer.
  • Do not offer to fix what went wrong – you’re past that now.
  • Accept what they say as constructive criticism, ask for examples but not solutions.
  • Agree to disagree.  You’re fact-finding, not defending your record.
  • Work on what is valid, disregard the rest.  Do not beat yourself up over someone’s opinion.
  • There is no such thing as obtaining closure from another person, it’s a gift you give to yourself.

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