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Freedom, you’ve gotta give for what you take

Being newly single comes with freedom and responsibility.  It may feel like a free-for-all but you might want to curtail your indulgences.  Yes, you are free to do as you choose but that doesn’t take away your common sense.

Freedom can be heady but you have a responsibility to keep up your life.  Do not go out and get so drunk on a Tuesday night that you can’t go to work the next day.  Don’t sleep with your friend’s ex just because you can.  Maintain your life and your discipline because it can all quickly spiral out of control.

So what can you do?  Take calculated risks and make wise decisions.  Do nothing on impulse.  You can be spontaneous but don’t be stupid-spontaneous.  Weigh out the pros and cons of each decision and know what you’re getting yourself into.  Have fun, but make sure your bases are covered.  Give yourself a bit of time to think and breathe – the opportunity will still be there tomorrow.  And if you think something is a bad decision, it probably is.


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