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In the beginning, you need to get moving.  Yes it would be preferable to get moving in a good direction but even physics tells us that a body in motion tends to stay in motion.  So to begin, first you must start.

  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle because that will help you make good choices.
  • Remove anything harmful from your life – this includes people, places, and things.
  • Forgive and love yourself, don’t beat yourself up over your mistakes – learn from them.
  • Write down what you’re thankful for and why.  Focus on the positive.
  • Be gracious and kind to others.  Reciprocity is powerful.
  • Start small and find things that make you happy.
  • When something is no longer working for you, leave it for bigger and better things.
  • Do things for others.  If formal volunteering isn’t your style, look for other opportunities to make people smile.
  • Make plans to enrich your life.  Set goals and timelines to reach them.  Celebrate your accomplishments.

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