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The insufferable affliction of being alone with you

Quite possibly one of the hardest parts of a breakup is when all the hullabaloo dies down and you are left to your own devices.   Friends have stopped the random cheer-me-up phone calls and have returned to their regularly scheduled lives.  Your mom doesn’t fret if she should have him over for the holidays.  The post-breakup sabbatical that your coworkers had offered you is over.  It’s like the universe has silently judged that your period of mourning is well and truly done.

Breakups suck and generally, you’re looking forward to the day when it’s over.  Even if the breakup is civil,  your self-esteem and self-confidence have taken a beating.  In the midst of a breakup, you fantasize that your life will be better afterward – calmer, content, nesting.  You never imagine how excruciating it can be to be alone with yourself.

In the beginning, you will attempt to amuse yourself – new hobbies, new friends, new boys.  These diversions will end quickly as their entertainment value pales.  You may find yourself bored, restless, even slightly angry.  You need to look for something greater, you need to search for yourself.


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