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I’m nobody! Who are you?

It is not unusual to feel a bit lost once you’re out and on your own.  You’ve been part of a couple for so long that you’ve blended your likes with theirs and in some ways, subjugated parts of your personality for the sake of harmony.  Rather than mourning the loss of your couple status, use this as a time to discover and celebrate who you are.

Start by looking back at who you were.  Read your old diaries and flip through your old yearbooks.  Look at old love letters, stories you wrote, etc.  Reminisce with old friends and family about things you did before you became one half of “us”.  Some of it may be a little painful but you’ll be able to laugh at how far you’ve come.

Then figure out who you are now.  Go shopping but don’t buy anything yet, just try on clothes that you wouldn’t have dared before.  Go to the grocery store and check out stuff that you would have never put in your cart because it was something he didn’t like.  Wander into a different section of the bookstore or library and look through books and magazines that seem completely out of character.  Push at the boundaries of who you were to discover who you are now.


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