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Home is where the heart is

Ahhh, your new place.  Home, sweet home…but how do you create a home out of the remnants of your old life?

First, unpack everything.  It’s ridiculous to live with your stuff in boxes, hidden from sight.  Either live with your stuff or get rid of it.  Unless you know that you’re only going to be someplace for a few months, do not put stuff into storage.  Personal storage has a strange way of turning into an expensive black hole.

Look at everything you have.  What do you like?  What do you hate?  What will do for the moment?  Obviously, keep everything you like – even if it doesn’t “make sense” with the overall decor.  It makes you happy, it stays.  Toss anything you hate – yes, even if it’s your only sofa.  If you hate it and it only holds bad memories, it has no place in your new life.  If what you hate will need to be replaced, figure out when you’ll be able to afford a new one and give the old one an expiration date.  If something will do for the moment, try to figure out how to make it work.  Throw a cover over it, paint it, or re-purpose it.  The internet is filled with sites to teach you how to be crafty.

Put your stamp on the place.  Don’t paint the walls if it will anger the landlord but feel free to use the rooms as you see fit.  If you never plan to have someone over for dinner, don’t be afraid to put your computer on the dining room table or even drag it into your living room to use as a big desk.  Put a shoe rack near the front door if you go barefoot in the house.  Place the coffee maker in the cabinet if you don’t use it every day.  It’s your house, use it how you see fit, now how you feel that you’re supposed to arrange it.

Throw yourself a house-warming party.  Celebrate the fact that you’re home.


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