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Handling exit strategy stress

An exit strategy is like playing your life in overtime. Ranging from the daily grind to an all out cold war, the stress will be the hardest part.  It’s not the boiling over type of stress, it’s the slow simmer and it can drive you mad.

Here’s how to handle the stress without losing your mind:

  • In the moment, take a deep breath and count backward from 10.  Try to politely leave the situation.
  • Find your “happy place” (the thought that makes you immediately happy), and go there, at least mentally.
  • Develop diversions – hobbies, friendships, sports, etc.
  • Determine how much time you can reasonably spend maintaining the status quo and don’t kill yourself doing more.
  • Talk to your one trusted confidante but do it face-to-face.  Do not leave a papertrail (electronic or otherwise) for your partner to find.
  • Give yourself a viable exit date and go over your exit strategy to remind yourself why you’re going through this.
  • Remember there is a light at the end of the tunnel, do NOT be shortsighted.

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