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I got yer crazy

You’ve decided to leave.  You have your exit plan written and you’re executing it.  Everything is going well but you’re dying to get out of the situation or he attempts to provoke an argument.  It’s so easy to go batsh*t crazy and blow your plan.  I know you want to be out of the relationship but that isn’t a reason to be stupid.

Yes, you may feel that every day you’re dying a bit inside but do not just up and leave.  You created a plan because you want to leave the relationship the right way.  You want to be okay, you want him to be okay, you want your reputation to remain intact to whatever degree that’s possible.  It would be less complicated to say “Eff it. I’m done,” however that’s terribly rash and foolish.  You’re smarter than that.

When you feel that you’re about to completely lose your mind, take a deep breath and remind  yourself why you’re doing this.  If it appears that he’s attempting to force your hand, you may wish to have a frank talk with him about separating the “right way” and even bring him into your plan if he’s amenable to it.


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