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Direct from my desk – week 49

Ladies, there is no shame in making a mistake as long as you learn from it.  There are guys that you should run from immediately.  Sometimes we don’t recognize it until we’re already involved.  However, it’s never too late to turn tail and scram.

The big problem comes when we get too comfortable to leave.  You’ll tell yourself that no relationship is perfect, that any new beau will have his faults, too.  While these things are true, will his flaws be greater than or less than your current romance?

I’m usually the first person to try to talk people into working it out.  However there are some people whose lifestyles and/or goals are so clearly incompatible, a blind Greek with a lantern could see it.

So…your pride might be a little bruised, a little worse for wear.  You may wonder what your friends will think about another broken relationship.  You may fear how you’ll recover from the breakup emotionally or financially.  None of these things matter if you’re truly miserable – whatever comes next has to be better.  Do not let your ego get in the way of a happy life.


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