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Occupational hazards

When you think of all the things that look good on a man, a career is definitely one of them.  However, there is a category of man who makes his work the focus of his life.  He’s the workaholic.

Pulling down a steady paycheck is obviously a bonus.  However, having a man who is so into his work that he doesn’t have any time left for the actual relationship is not so good.  While some workaholics are wrapped up in building their career, some are simply not ready to settle down so they hide behind their job.  Of course there is always the career workaholic who genuinely loves his job and can’t imagine what the problem with that is.

So first you must determine what type of workaholic you’re dealing with:

  • If he’s not ready to settle down, the timing may be off.  You will have to determine for yourself if you want to stick around, although honestly, you will need to weigh your priorities versus what you know about him to make the best decision for yourself.
  • If he’s a career workaholic then you will need to set down some ground rules about technical gadgets (we’ve all been on a date with the guy who was on his smartphone throughout dinner) and how much time he’ll need to carve out of his schedule to maintain your relationship.

It all balances out in the end, after all, it’s better to have a man who loves his job and makes time for you than to have a man who has all the time in the world to share his misery with you.


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