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The incureable romantic

We’ve all met that guy who is obviously not over the one that got away.  Whether it be moping about with a gray cloud over his head or his inability to brook any criticism of her, he’s exhibiting some signs that clearly state, “Stay away from me.”

Unrequited love is so romantic.  ~le sigh~

There are other men, however, who aren’t so transparent.  From being unable to cut the umbilical cord (everyone has a close friendship with their ex) to obsessing on her current relationship status (he can’t possibly make her happy), he’s advertising where he is emotionally.  Do not overlook these clues just to avoid the inevitable.

Long story short, if he still has strong opinions on how she’s living her life, he isn’t over her.  (And no, you can’t help him get over it, he has to put his big boy pants on and do that himself.)

He can either be involved with her (with or without her involvement) or involved with you, but he can’t be involved with you both.  Being physically available is not enough; he needs to be available mentally and emotionally as well.  Do not sell yourself short.  A man who is 100% available is a starting point, not an end goal.


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