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Prophets of doom and other fun times

Most of us know at least one person with Eeyore Syndrome.  While having a friend who is a prophet of doom can be annoying, having a significant other who is one can be exhausting.

Moments of sheer pessimism in life are normal.  However, watch for signs that the person is experiencing more than just the occasional blues.  It may not seem so obvious, especially at first when people are attempting to put their best foot forward.  If your partner seems to have more bad days than good, blows small issues out of proportion, or exhibits a strong sense of paranoia, you might want to suggest counseling.

You may feel tempted to help your partner through this.  This is more than just a passing mood – it could be depression or another matter best handled by a professional. Attempting to deal with it on your own can ruin your relationship.  The simple fact of the matter is that there is nothing you can do to “heal” them; they have to do it on their own with or without your support.


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