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I ain’t yer momma

Some men just refuse to grow up.  For whatever reason, they are children inhabiting the bodies of fully grown men.  It could be that their mother took care of their every need thinking they’d find a woman to do the same.  Or it could be that they think if they do not grow up they will not have to fulfill the responsibilities of being an adult.  Or it simply could be that they simply don’t understand what they’re doing is wrong.

You may not recognize a manchild when you first see one.  You may find his boyishness charming or even freeing from the weight of your responsibilities.  He may be an adult in some ways and a child in others.  He may appear to have it all together on the surface but his shortcomings become apparent with time and knowledge.

Now, every relationship comes with compromises but you have to ask yourself, can you live with him exactly as he is?  If he never grows up, takes full responsibility for his actions (or inactions), or fixes what you deem to be flaws – can you fully commit to him as he is?  If not, you need to recognize him for what he is and not waste your time.

There is no point in having a relationship where you are half-in and half-out.  This is a recipe for frustration and unhappiness.  Rip the band-aid off quickly and move on.

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