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Direct from my desk – week 47

Normally I don’t do this sort of thing:  Katniss vs. Bella

In terms of role models, I get the feeling that most grown-ups would prefer that young ladies choose Katniss as a role model over Bella.  While I can see their point, I beg their indulgence:

Katniss starts as a strong female.  She’s skilled, brave, and focused.  She’s selfless and intelligent.  She sounds like the type of woman we’d all like to be but not necessarily the one that we presently are.

Bella, on the other hand, is clumsy, awkward, not well-liked.  She’s a bit insecure.  She’s in love with an impossible creature.  In short, she’s how (just about) every teenage girl sees herself.  Then they are given the fantasy that “the guy” wants her and in the end, she not only gets him but it turns out that she is indeed special and she saves the day.

Would I prefer that young ladies choose a better role model?  Of course.  However I can completely understand why they relate to Bella more than Katniss.  Perhaps there is a lesson in this somewhere.  No answers here, just food for thought.


One response to “Direct from my desk – week 47

  1. Bella may be how every girl sees themselves, but her actions should not be imitated. Learning from a character is one thing, being exactly like her is another. Hopefully people see it that way.

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