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Choosing to commit

So once you’ve decided if you’re in or out, then you need to choose to commit.  In choosing to commit you are choosing to look past the small issues that could derail your relationship and you are choosing to concentrate on the bigger picture.

No relationship is perfect.  (If it is, you may want to ask yourself if you’re interacting with an authentic person.)  In every relationship you will need to make choices – choices in what you do and what you do not do.  When faced with a “crisis”, take a moment and ask yourself how you can best handle the situation.  You can choose how you react.  You can choose to focus on the whole, not the parts.

When you choose to commit, you are choosing the other person with all their flaws.  Do not attempt to “fix” them beyond recognition, after all, you were attracted to them as they were to begin with.  You are choosing to live with their imperfections and they are choosing to live with yours.  Like many things in life, it’s a trade-off.

Keep in the forefront of your mind that committing is a choice.  You should not make the decision lightly but you should do it with your whole heart and mind.  Neither you nor your partner deserve anything less.


2 responses to “Choosing to commit

  1. william wallace ⋅

    If you are going to commit to another it being a BIG mistake
    the first thing one need do is to commit to yourself firstly if
    one can’t commit to yourself then in hell will you commit unto
    another….if one determined to take such an foolish step to
    commit to another without firstly commiting unto themselves
    then compromise live other without bond of marriage thus it
    be you are not commited by law where there be no escape
    you are not tied to another via mental blackmail as threats.
    If one’s mind’s set on marriage then live with the person for
    period untill you get to know them better … How long should
    one need stay together before they get to realy know their partner as then consider marriage ???. Such should be a minimum of at least 30yrs. The point being one need in life
    firstly commit to themselves first foremost / when achieved
    then you will not wish to commit to another ( reason being )
    in knowing oneself one so happy that the idea commiting to
    another but brings but only laughter at such ridiculous folly.

    ps / I shall write a further comment later as how one can best commit to themselves first / in doing so to find real happiness.

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