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In or out

There comes a point in every relationship, perhaps more than once, when you have to decide if you’re in or you’re out.  It’s a simple decision but it can take a while to come to terms with the ramifications.

The moment may come on suddenly or it may be a slow burn.  It may be a sharp strike or a dull ache.  It may be one striking issue or a combination of smaller ones.  When the moment arrives, you may find yourself having to talk yourself off the ledge.

You need to ask yourself one question – are you in? or are you out?  The answer to this question will dictate the rest of your relationship.  It’s your moment of commitment, when you ask yourself if you can overcome the obstacle that has been placed in your path and dedicate yourself to your relationship.  You will need to decide if what you want is what you have.

If you are out, wrap up your relationship as peacefully and quickly as you can and allow the other person to get on with their life.  However, if you are in, be in.  Resolve the issue(s) with your partner and commit to being in the relationship.


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