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In every relationship, you will have doubts.  You will have doubts in the beginning, in the middle, and absolutely at the end.  However, doubts are not a signal of the imminent demise of your relationship.  They are simply doubts.

Doubts are simply your mind’s way of asking you to check something out.  Does he seem like a player?  Are you feeling that something isn’t right?  Did his explanation not make sense?  Your doubts are asking you to investigate – that’s their job.

Now, while doubts can be a great tool, you need to make sure that they aren’t a runaway jackhammer demolishing your relationship.  Ask yourself if the doubts is serving the relationship.  The doubt is serving the relationship if after your scrutiny, the relationship is stronger.

You may also need to ask yourself if the doubt is from this relationship or a previous relationship – doubts have a nasty habit of outstaying their welcome if you don’t tell them when to leave.

In fact, if you never have doubts about your relationship – you might want to check yourself.  Did you feel that?  That was a doubt.


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