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It’s only as complicated as you make it

Relationships, like life, are only as complicated as you make them.  You have the ability to simplify the situation.

Those things that you freak out over – are they really that important when you look at the bigger picture?  Coming home with phone numbers in his pocket is wrong but if a girl flirts with him, it’s okay as long as he responds appropriately (for his information, the appropriate response is, “Have you met my beautiful girlfriend?”).  Give him the benefit of the doubt.

Relationships come with trade-offs.  You may not want to be his mommy but you can ignore his socks being left in the living room overnight.  His monthly poker game with the boys?  That’s twelve nights out of three-hundred and sixty-five and the rest of the nights, he’s with you.  Concentrate on the good parts, but don’t be a fool.

It’s entirely your choice how you handle your relationship.  Your mind will highlight and magnify whatever you focus on – make sure you’re focusing on the right things.


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