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You used to be so nice

I’ve spoken earlier about the Law of Diminishing Returns.  Briefly, how you are treated in the beginning of a relationship will eventually taper off as the relationship matures.  The trick is knowing when the law of diminishing returns is kicking in and when he’s just turning into a douchebag.

He used to lavish you with presents but now:

  • You get them for special occasions = LDR
  • You never get presents unless you buy them for yourself while he insists on getting a present of his own = DB

Fervent arguments:

  • Mean you’re both still fighting for the relationship and end in make-up sex = LDR
  • Include violence, vicious words, and end in passive-aggressive behavior = DB

Cuddling up to watch a movie at home:

  • Includes a comfortable amount of silence = LDR
  • Occurs only after a significant amount of begging or pouting and he checks his phone the entire time = DB


  • Isn’t spent on dinners and vacations so  you can reach long-term goals = LDR
  • Is disappearing from your joint account without any real answers = DB

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