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No one ever thinks it will happen to them

Like most people, we think that we’re indestructible.  Bad things happen to other people, not us.  Therefore it’s not surprising that we don’t plan for it.

Do not overlook the necessity of disability insurance.  While most people will consider long-term disability, particularly if they’re in a high-risk profession, short-term disability if often overlooked.  Your vacation pay may cover your bills if you’re only out of work for a couple of weeks.  However, some common ailments (such as concussions) can keep you from work for several months.  Your emergency fund may be used for this sort of thing but if you can afford disability insurance, you should.

There is the other side of disability that people rarely address – the emotional toll it takes on a relationship.  A disability, aside from the physical changes it may cause in a partner, may also change their personality.  Your partner may be quicker to get angry or may sink into a depression.  Suddenly they are carping on things that they didn’t notice or didn’t mind before. You may also find that you are responding differently to them as well – treating them as a child, getting angry that they can’t do things they used to, etc.

You may also find yourself feeling increasingly isolated as you attempt to NOT take out your feelings on your partner.  It’s natural to react to changes in your partner but do remember it is a temporary situation.  If possible, talk to your partner about your feelings without assigning blame.  Vent to your best friend.  Talk to a counselor.  Do not try to shoulder the burden by yourself.


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