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That rainy day

Hopefully you have heeded my advice on creating an emergency fund and hopefully you’ve been dutifully saving for it and requiring your partner to save for it as well (it would be completely unfair for one partner to shoulder the burden for both of you).  You will also need to re-evaluate it when your circumstances change (new job, new house, pay raise, divorce, etc.).

You will also need an emotional rainy day fund.  A collection of good memories, inspiring quotes, and happy moments to pull you through the less-than-thrilling times in life.  Not only when boredom sets in but also when trouble arrives on your doorstep.  You will need to feed this account as often and as thoroughly as you add to your financial emergency fund.  Hold onto supportive friends and allow the rest to fall by the wayside.  If you need to, change your outlook from negative to positive and keep it that way.

Into every life a little rain must fall, make sure you have an umbrella.


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