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Direct from my desk – week 44

My dear readers,

I started this blog with the intent of writing a daily, year-long blog on relationship-issues.  For those of you who have come along on this journey with me, I am truly grateful.  I have compulsively watched my statistics, I have responded thoughtfully (I hope!) to your comments, and I have visited your blogs in return.  In this blogosphere, you are my friends.

I find myself within sight of my goal and I have increasingly been asking myself, “what now?”  Where do I go with this blog?  Having reached my goal, do I consider the challenge met and delete the blog as though it never existed?  Do I leave it up for perhaps future readers to find?  Do I attempt to continue to write daily despite fears regarding quality?  Do I write occasionally when the mood strikes me although that may lead to a loss of momentum?  Do I respond only when someone writes to me for advice (confession:  of the handful of persons who have written to me directly, only one did not request a private, non-blog answer)?

So I will leave it to you, my dear readers, what would you like to see and how often would you like to see it?  Are there topics I haven’t touched on that you would like to see covered?  My future is in your hands and I await your responses with bated breath.


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