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Is there life after death?

Perhaps but your body isn’t going with you – so you should probably start making plans.  It’s a rather macabre subject but it’s a necessary conversation to have with your significant other.  You need to know what they want, they need to know what you want.

Start by making some decisions of your own.  Do you want to be buried?  cremated?  church funeral?  secular gathering?  Do you want a wake? Closed casket?  Open casket?  Burial shroud?  If you’re cremated, who will keep your urn?  Do you want a funeral procession of crying mourners?  Would you prefer an upbeat gathering?  This is the last party you will ever plan – make it fabulous but make sure you can afford it.

Do you have an advance directive, living will, or do not resuscitate order?  Do you want last rites from a religious authority?  Does your partner have power of attorney to handle your wishes in your final days.

Yes, this is a horrible topic but consider what might happen if you don’t make these decisions yourself.  Now share them with your partner.  It’s also a good idea to share the broad strokes of your plan with a few close friends and relatives, lest they think your significant other has lost his mind with grief when he announces you wanted to be made into a diamond and have Sinatra song played at your memorial.  Put it in writing.  Record it if you can.  Put it in a safe place and then rest assured that your wishes are safeguarded.


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