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The golden years

Ah, you’ve reached retirement age.  Hopefully you’ve planned your retirement well, managing your money and anticipating the day you won’t have to get up and go to work each day.  So what will you do with your time?

Don’t be surprised if you’re a little at loose ends to begin with.  Perhaps even a bit of depression as you feel “no longer necessary”.  Rest assured, you are very necessary.  Your value hasn’t decreased.  You will, however, need to find new ways to fill your time.

Give yourself structure.  Find a new time to get up and go to sleep and base your daily activities on your energy level.  You may want to keep a diary for a few days to figure out when you have more energy and when you need a rest.

Figure out what interests you and dive in.  All those things you ever wanted to do – now is the time.  Don’t worry if you find out that you don’t love gardening or that charcoal drawings aren’t your strong suit.  Experiment and give yourself permission to fail and move on.

Keep up your social life.  It seems harder to make friends as we get older but that’s simply because we aren’t putting ourselves in the position to make new friends.  Put yourself where the people are.  Take classes.  Join social groups.  Frequent the local senior center and sign up for some activities.

Take care of your health.  If you haven’t been proactive about your health, start now.  Quit smoking.  Eat healthy.  Exercise daily.  Visit the doctor regularly and follow his advice!


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