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When your nest is empty

As this isn’t a blog on child-rearing, it’s taking the liberty of skipping directly to the empty-nest syndrome.  Obviously it will be a moment of heart-wrenching agony when your last little human leaves the house to embark on their next great adventure.  Barring the boomerang children, you will be alone with your significant other for a while.  You’d better have a plan.

It may seem odd at first.  The house will be quiet.  You may struggle to find topics to discuss on a daily basis.  You can lapse into a comfortable silence without realizing it.  None of these are the harbinger of doom – they are merely a call to arms.

Hopefully you have stayed connected with your partner through the years.  Maintain or create new small rituals.  Find new common interests.  Or even one for yourself.  Now is not the time to bicker, it’s the time to rediscover what drew you to this incredible person to begin with.


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