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Children and consensus

Like with most things, it’s better to get consensus before the start of a project than after.  This is especially true in the case of children.  Discuss every possible contingency to make sure that you’re on the same page.

Topics for discussion?  So glad you asked:

  • Responsibilities:  What is the child responsible for at each stage of life?  How do you instill a sense of responsibility?
  • Discipline:  Is discipline a shared responsibility?  What methods do you find acceptable/unacceptable?  Are you willing to use a third-party to assist with discipline?
  • Education:  How will you handle the price of education?  extra-curricular activities?  Is the child allowed to get a part-time job while at school?
  • Fitness:  How do you handle a child with too much/not enough emphasis on fitness or sports?  How involved will you be?
  • Nutrition:  How far do you allow picky eating to go before intervening?  How do you handle a child who decides to be a vegetarian?  Do you discourage a child from dieting?
  • Religion:  Are you raising a religious child?  Which religion will you choose?  How often will you attend services?

Obviously there is more to discuss than just these questions however having an understanding about the nuts and bolts of how you will raise your child is important before embarking on this endeavor.


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