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No resting on your laurels

You’ve followed my advice and you have a fabulous relationship.  Or perhaps you’ve had the boy for a while and the relationship has slid into the comfortable yet boring zone.  Or it could be that you’re working on re-establishing a great relationship but it’s a bumpy road.  In any case, never rest on your laurels.

It happens – the longer you’re in a relationship, the more comfortable you get, the more likely you are to take your partner for granted.  You stop doing all those things that you used to do.  The language is more practical, less lovey-dovey.  Your idea of date night is a pizza and that hot new series on cable television.  Your routine has gotten, well, routine.

So cut it out!  Resolve to shake things up.  Go back to that dating behavior when you put your best foot forward and no matter what you do, never stop improving your relationship.


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