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Your single biggest weapon against a man

You have a weapon in your arsenal than can bring a man to his knees, emasculate him, and make him wonder if it’s worth getting up in the morning.  Yes, it’s that strong and for that reason, you should use it sparingly and only in the most extreme of circumstances.

It isn’t your sharp tongue.  It isn’t your tears.  It’s four simple words:  I’m disappointed in you.

It is so simple to let slide through your lips and so difficult to take back.  These words are brutal.  They will drill a hole in his heart that can never be repaired.  No man ever wants to hear these words.  Use them wisely.

Proper use:

  • He cheated.
  • He hit you.
  • He went on a three-day alcoholic bender and didn’t come home.

Improper use:

  • He bought you the wrong present.
  • He forgot to pick up milk on the way home.
  • He forgot to put down the toilet seat.

2 responses to “Your single biggest weapon against a man

  1. Use the word too much though and you might also find the door, psychologically and, perhaps, literally.

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