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The suprising benefits of the green-eyed monster

Popular belief says that you should never get jealous about your mate.  Unfortunately, very few humans ever attain sainthood.  Over-whelming, controlling jealousy is always a bad thing.  However, a little bit of jealousy can be beneficial from time-to-time.

No-one is interested in someone who sees rivals around every corner or who plainly does not trust their partner.  Jealousy at that level can be downright dangerous.  If this type of jealousy is in control of your relationship, you should reconsider why you’re in it.

Rather, small amounts of the green-eyed monster can keep you present in your relationship.  It reminds you not to get complacent.  It compels you to send an sms message during the day or to call him when he’s away overnight.  It cautions you against that co-worker who seems a bit too friendly.  It prods you to stay involved with your partner on a daily basis.

Over all, you must control your jealousy, you must not let it control you.


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