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Whatever you do, do not do this!

There is a temptation, when you’ve been cheated on, to get even.  In this circumstance, any attempt to even the score is a fallacy.  It won’t matter if you sleep with one guy, twelve guys, a girl, a mule, or his best friend – you will never be bathing in the afterglow and think, “wow, I feel so much better now.”  To be completely frank, no man has a magic wand and it won’t take away the sting of betrayal.

What it will do is remind you of why you’re doing it.  It will also painstakingly eat away at your self-respect.  Sleeping around is a potent cocktail of power and powerlessness.  You may feel good…momentarily.  Slowly, deliberately, the feeling of dominance will fade leaving you with a vacuum.  It’s like trying to fill up the Grand Canyon through a straw.

You will never regain your self-worth by laying down.  Rather, build yourself up by moving forward and being productive.


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