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But I was so into you a moment ago

After cheating rocks your relationship, it’s perfectly normal to feel the desire to seduce your partner back into the relationship.  You may feel the need to assert your dominance and re-conquer lost territory.  You’re so caught up in your desire to win him back or win against the other woman that you may fail to step back and look at what you’re winning.

Then, one day, after the storm has passed and he’s safely back in your bed, you find yourself wondering what the heck you’re doing in this relationship.

It’s time to leave but how does one leave a relationship after all has been”forgiven”?  Acknowledge that you want out of the relationship and the reasons for wanting out.  Make sure that this is absolutely the decision you want to make.  Prepare what you’re going to say but don’t be too inflexible (the about-to-be-dumped rarely go along with the script you’ve prepared for them).  Expect anger, after all, they think everything is fine.  Do not crumble – keep your resolve or you’ll be having this talk again in a few weeks.  Be as generous as you can possibly be during the break-up.  You may really love that microwave but honestly, you can get another one.  Last but certainly not least, be discrete with the details of the break-up.  Yes, he may have been a jerk but you want to move on, not stay stuck in a he-said, she-said with your ex.


4 responses to “But I was so into you a moment ago

  1. I really like you post. Interesting. Though I’m blogging about something different, seduction. Have a look if you like=)

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