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Two’s company, three is a polyamorous relationship

Some people take the phrase, love can not be divided, it can only be multiplied, to the conclusion that other people should be introduced into their relationship on a more permanent basis.  This is obviously not for the faint of heart.

There are a variety of reasons why a person may be involved in a polyamorous or polygamous relationship, including religious objectives, alternate lifestyles, and even an attempt to get needs met through multiple partners in an open, stable, long-term fashion.  This is not a lifestyle that can be undertaken lightly.

Attempting to find one person you want to be in a relationship with can be difficult, attempting to find two person you want to be involved with and who wish to have at least a passing relationship with each other can be nearly impossible.

If you thought it was difficult to deal with having to take one other person into consideration when making your decisions, consider taking two or even three people into consideration.  Attempting to make everyone happy can feel like balancing on a high wire.

The emotional toll can be considerable.  If you aren’t secure in yourself and your relationship with your partner, an additional person in the relationship can complicate matters rather than make them better.

There is an upside – a larger support network than the typical nuclear family.  You will never go through a crisis alone.  There will always be someone to share the laughter.  Many hands make light work.

As this lifestyle isn’t mainstream, you may find yourself ostracized from friends, family, and the general public.  You will need to decide if the tradeoffs are worth it.


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