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Direct from my desk – week 39

Earlier this week I was having dinner with some friends and the conversation turned to my blog, specifically the Spank the monkey post.  After a brief discussion where I assured one specific friend that I was not writing an x-rated blog, I mentioned that some women feel that masturbation is cheating on the relationship.  His response was an incredulous, “They do??”

Ladies – we must have the courage to start some uncomfortable conversations.  Maybe we’re shy or can’t find the right time.  Many times we prefer to not rock the boat.  Or we believe that our significant other will magically be able to read our minds.  None of these excuses are going to get you and your partner where you need to be.

Part of the bedrock of a solid relationship is active communication.  Learning to communicate is not easy but marshal your resources – read books, take classes, practice with your loved ones.  You can do this, I have faith in you.


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