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Me Tarzan, You Jane

When you start a conversation on your sex life with your partner, don’t be surprised if he has a few ideas of his own.  A common suggestion may be role play.  Before you reject it out-of-hand, give him a moment to explain what he’s thinking.  He’s probably thinking of something far less complicated than a three-act Broadway show.

If you feel yourself resisting it, ask yourself why.  Yes, it may seem a little silly or even a bit corny but hey, if it works, why not?  Try to suspend your inhibitions – no one is seeing this but you and him and I can guarantee you that he’s not going to be at the watercooler the next morning with a story that starts with, “So I’m in a loincloth, role playing with my wife…”

Start small.  Take those fantasies that you discussed and try to make one come true.  Start with words, each of you pick a role and stay in character.  If you’re comfortable with that, amp it up a bit with some costuming (Halloween is coming up -now is the time to get inexpensive costumes on every street corner).  If and when that starts feeling okay, take it outside – but do not involve innocent by-standers (don’t hit on strangers in bars, don’t stage a mock kidnapping, etc.).  Keep in mind that if it can go wrong, it probably will – so play safe kids.


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