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Moving as a team

If you’ve ever strapped your leg to someone else’s to participate in a three-legged race then you know how difficult it can be to move as a team.  It’s awkward – they zig, you zag, and you’ve fallen down once or twice on your way to the finish line.

Relationships are very much the same way.  It’s imperative to be able to move as a team to achieve your goals whether it be how to raise the kids or whose parents to see on holidays.  Moving as a team requires coordination, timing, and practice.

  • Coordination – make decisions well before you move.  Knowing ahead of time which foot you’ll be putting forward first can mean the difference between standing up and falling down.
  • Timing – the more in tune you are with someone, the easier it is to anticipate their movements and be able to move with them.  After a while, men will assume you can read their minds – let them think that, it’s better that way.
  • Practice – the best teams have so much practice moving together that it appears effortless.  Don’t be fooled by this – they’ve fallen down plenty of times, the simply pick themselves up and refuse to give up. Start small and keep practicing.  Eventually you’ll be in the winners’ circle.

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