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Are you on the right team?

Much of the time we’re so busy living our daily lives that we forget to ask ourselves if we’re being treated the way we deserve to be treated.  Fully believing that you get what you give, are you treating your partner the way that they deserve to be treated?

Don’t get so caught up in the minutiae of your day-to-day life that you forget to ask yourself some hard questions like, is this really the right relationship for me? Do I feel supported in this relationship?  Are my needs getting met in this relationship and if not, is that likely to change in the future?  Is my partner happy and fulfilled in this relationship?  What are my responsibilities toward improving this relationship and am I willing to commit to those responsibilities?

Every relationship will ebb and flow (if it doesn’t then one of you is not being honest).  Knowing when to stick it out and when to call it quits can be challenging but everyone should give 100% until the game is called.  Difficult times will build character and unity so the benefit of strife should not be discounted.  On the other hand, one can not live their entire life without some sunshine warming their skin.  Remember, you are not a victim in this relationship – you are choosing to be there.

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