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Never compromise on this

Compromise and negotiation are valuable tools in a relationship however there are certain things you should never compromise on.

  • Your sense of self – Who you are is not up for negotiation.  It’s one thing for him to comment on your new hairstyle, it’s another thing for him to ask you to dye your hair black and take up smoking.  While none of us are perfect, anyone who nitpicks constantly or is attempting a whole person make-over, this is not the person that you need to be with.
  • Your safety – If he puts you into dangerous situations, he needs to go.  Full stop.  No discussion.
  • Your finances – Love doesn’t conquer all if it’s draining your bank account. If he’s taking the food out of your mouth to buy himself toys or if he’s wanting to gamble with your financial security, his priorities are so screwed up that he will never be capable of taking care of your future together.
  • Your legal liability – Going to jail or being sued is not sexy.  Be down for your man but scraping rock bottom?  No thank you.  He doesn’t have the right to endanger your civic future (voting, getting a job, not living a life on the run,etc.).
  • Your responsibilities – Your family, your job, yourself.  If he’s trying to stop you from taking care of your responsibilities then he wants your life to be just as messed up as his is.  He’s not thinking of making your life better, he’s not in the relationship for you.
  • Your trust – A relationship will weather a lot of storms over the years but when trust is gone, so is the relationship. The moment a man tries to manipulate you into trusting him, you should run and not leave a forwarding address.

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