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Getting comfortable with confrontation

Women grow up with lots of social rules (some good, some bad) and one of our biggest is to back-peddle at the first sign of confrontation.  Confrontation has been placed in our heads as the big scary monster but honestly, we don’t need to fear confrontation, we need to learn how to manage it.  Think of confrontation as your friend – without it, nothing will change.

The first rule to being comfortable with confrontation is to have it on  your own terms.  Pick the time and place to your greatest advantage.  The second rule is to do your homework.  Never approach a confrontation without knowing your position, your opponent’s position, and having thought through the various potential twists.  The last rule is to keep your cool.  The moment you lose your composure, you lose the confrontation.  Do not get angry or emotional – let your rational words and preparation take center stage and you can’t lose.


2 responses to “Getting comfortable with confrontation

  1. haha! you are so right, but not losing your cool is so hard. i have been married three years and i still cant keep my cool, and i know as soon as i get emotional or angry i have lost the rational battle.

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