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Cry and you cry alone

Ladies, we’ve all seen how a guy reacts to tears – they’re paralyzed by them.  It’s like our own version of wielding kryptonite against them.  Because of this, women must use tears judiciously.  In fact, I dare say, women should never cry to manipulate a man.

  1. It’s seriously unfair.  Men aren’t accustomed to tears.  They (generally) only cry when a parent dies or their team loses the championship.  They have no idea how to console a person who is crying because they have little practice in it.
  2. If you cry frequently enough, they will eventually grow immune to it and tears will be a far less effective form of communicating deep disappointment or intense pain.  You will need to find another method of communicating.

Save tears for when they’re truly needed or unavoidable.  If you’re a weepy sort (books, movies, birthday cards), then give the guy fair warning and let him know that he isn’t expected to *do* anything about them.  You both will feel more comfortable with your tears and he will know that your tears are reflective of your true feelings.


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