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Theory X

Managing your relationship is a lot like managing in business.  There is a theory that seems to bleed over to relationships quite frequently and it never works – not in business, not in your personal life.  I present to you Theory X.

Theory X states that people are generally unmotivated to perform and are only out for themselves.  Consequently, they need close supervision and for someone to crack the whip to get them moving in the right direction.  I’m sure you’ve heard of at least one manager like this and he/she was probably referred to as an a-hole.  Evidently, this type of manager is not well-liked.

Far too often, women attempt to run their relationships as though the male is in need of constant guidance, explicit instructions, and, sometimes, downright manipulation.  The fact is, if a man has made it safely to adulthood and you found him attractive enough to get involved with, why are you attempting to control him and the relationship?  If he’s not living up to your expectations, you need to speak with him and re-negotiate the expectations on both sides.  Becoming a harridan will only lead to resentment.


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