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Antisocial husband association

One day some enterprising woman will invent the Antisocial Husband Association but until that day, here are some tips to help muddle through:

  • His antisocial behavior is not a reflection upon you.  His behavior is his own.  You do not need to apologize repeatedly for him not showing up to an event.  Give a simple explanation and move on.
  • Do not pressure him to attend events.  He’s a big boy capable of making his own decisions and dealing with the consequences.  Attempting to coerce him will only cause him (and others) to resent you.
  • Do not bow to pressure to pressure him to attend events.  You are not his agent or his intermediary.  If someone really takes exception to his absence, they can take it up with him directly.
  • Do encourage him to attend events that he would enjoy, either with or without you.  Suggest groups or events he might like but do not push (printing off information and tucking it under his laptop is pushing).
  • Do be understanding of a potentially odd friend or two.  However, if a person makes you uncomfortable, for whatever reason, address it with your partner.
  • Maintain your own circle of friends and activities.  Your social life should not be impacted by his desire for a lack of one.

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