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A hobby with your hubby

Hopefully while you’re talking with your partner you’ve discovered a few more things that you have in common.  Depending on your schedule, this may be a great time to develop another common hobby.  Tread carefully though – make sure he wasn’t just smiling and nodding when you mentioned it.  Bring it up a few times before getting your hopes up.

You may need to take the lead in getting  information and setting up appointments; just be careful that he doesn’t feel that you’re trying to control his life. If the hobby is new for both of you, you may find that one person likes it more than the other.  You may find that it wasn’t what you thought it was or maybe you dislike it entirely and he will continue on by himself.  This would be unfortunate but don’t dissuade him from pursuing a hobby that he truly enjoys.  Whatever happens, do not try to force things and do not make the hobby more important than the relationship.


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