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All your stolen moments

Time in relationships tends to go very quickly.  As your life gets more complicated (jobs, house, kids), you have less time to spend with your partner and you will spend more of that time talking about the logistics of life rather than connecting with each other.

My suggestion?  Steal time.

That few minutes in the morning when the coffee is brewing.  That thirty minutes while dinner is cooking.  Even the commercials between your favorite programs (press the mute button).  These are all moments that can be put to better use.  Re-purpose that time to connect with your partner and be aware that men respond best to a physical demonstration of connection rather than words.  Relax.  Have fun.  Concentrate solely on your relationship as though nothing else exists.

Time that can also be stolen – when your plans fall through.  An emergency arose and your plans got canceled?  Be happy that you now have several uninterrupted hours with your partner.  Do not fall into the trap of immediately scheduling something else that needs to be done.  It has gone this long without your attention, will another hour make a difference?  That hour may make a difference in your relationship.


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