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Tread softly because you tread on my dreams

After the newness wears off and time passes, it’s normal to become less enchanted with your partner.  The passion may be less so than it was in the beginning.  You might have heard all of his stories – twice.  You might start to be more critical and less enthusiastic about their goals.

This would be a mistake.

Humans are attached to our dreams.  They represent our inner lives, what we wish to achieve, and how we see ourselves.  When you are careless with someone’s dreams, you are being careless with their most vulnerable self.

It is important to be patient with and supportive of your partner’s dreams.  No, they may not be realistic but that doesn’t make them any less important to the person who holds them. When you demean your partner’s dreams, aims, or desires, you belittle the person and you harm your relationship.  You may not be aware that your attitude is negative so it is important to watch the tone of your voice and your words when speaking about them.  You may even wish to ask your partner how you can be a better champion of their ambitions.

When you committed to your partner, you also committed to be supportive of your partner.

(Title borrowed from William Butler Yeats)


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    Very well stated about relationships

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