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Small rituals have a big impact

As much as humans like adventure, they appreciate a sense of home, security, and predictability.  It may sound boring on paper but it is anything but in practice.  Creating small rituals and practicing them consistently then makes them “your thing”.  Of course, this will only work if it’s something both of you engage in and enjoy.

So what do I mean by small rituals?  It is any small nicety, given freely and practiced consistently.

  • Preparing a morning cup of coffee in a to-go mug for your partner.
  • Working together to fix dinner (even if one is cooking and the other is washing dishes).
  • Reading the Sunday paper together.
  • Holding hands while falling asleep.

The small things are the glue that holds a couple together and are the things that are most missed when the relationship is no longer there.  You may never receive a thank you for your efforts but your relationship will be healthier for it.


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