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Creating your own traditions

Creating and engaging in your own traditions will help strengthen your bond with your partner.  Traditions unite family members, span generations, and create memories.  Humans enjoy a certain amount of predictability and traditions build stability.  Just remember that it should be equal parts commitment and fun.

Creating your own traditions can be a bit of trial-and-error.

  1. Start with something simple.  When you try to get too elaborate, the chances of the tradition sticking is reduced.
  2. Make it something everyone agrees with.  If you attempt to override someone’s objections, they’ll get you back by not participating.
  3. Write out what the tradition is.  Include day, time, participants, and general rules.  Don’t make the rules too inflexible.
  4. Participate in  your tradition, evaluate what works and what doesn’t.  Revise your tradition as necessary.

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