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Direct from my desk – week 32

Advances from generation to generation are not necessarily a benefit to your relationship.  We are absolutely drowning in devices these days and there is an expectation that we’re to be available 24/7 to whomever wishes to contact us.  Not only is this false, it’s harmful to us and our relationships.  In the past, we had downtime built into our schedule, today we have to create that same downtime.

  • Decide on a time every night after which phone calls are not accepted. Let people know when its acceptable to contact you and be consistent.  Only emergencies are allowed after this time (and emergency needs to include one of the following words:  accident, injury, hospital, body, disaster).
  • Cell phones (calls and text messages) should also have on- and off-hours.  Unless you’re “on call” for your job, nothing is so important that it can’t wait until tomorrow.  Do not answer your phone for a non-emergency when you’re face-to-face with someone.
  • No laptops in the bedroom.  Computers need to be turned off at a certain point at night.  People are not sending urgent messages via email or messaging programs.
  • Tablets – face it, it’s a computer.  See above.
  • Entertainment devices (television, stereo, etc.) don’t belong in your bedroom.  Your bedroom is for activities related to your bed, not for entertaining.

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